DIY notebook case

A couple days ago, I've made a notebook case by myself. Yes, my own hand! This is the first notebook case I made. Tadaaa! Here it is.....

My mom bought me this gold notebook as a gift because I was accepted at Information Systems in UNEJ without a test. So I don't need to borrow my sister's notebook anymore. Thankyou Mom :)
Actually, the color I want is pink but I couldn't found the pink one in the store. So yeah, this gold one is mine now. That's not a big problem I think because now I have a notebook case with the pink fur! So cute, eh?

the stitches are still mess :(

Hemm... What's next DIY?


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  1. hi, nice post! you are so creative, and that notebook case is mega cute :) btw, i followed you, nice blog :)

  2. How cute! The case is super girly and kawaii!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. ♥

    This is an amazing DIY, hehe who wouldn't want a pink furry laptop case! :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. oh that's cute notebook case! great idea <3

    anyway check mine too sweety ;)

  5. hey there, congratulation yaa, and that's a good idea to your notebook case :D
    btw I've follow you, wanna follow me back? thanks :))

  6. what a cute DIY project :D

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  7. I invite you to a new post on my blog. :-)
    kisses doll ♥

  8. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment I just started to follow you:) Anyway that is a really cute notebook case!

  9. Lovely post.

  10. nice blog :)

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