Sunday Morning

new baby: floral tote bag <3

Today is our last holiday, and tomorrow we have to back to our 'busy time' err I can't imagine how busy I am for this second semester.
So, we decided (Binta's idea, actually) to spend our last day for have a branch at Dapur Cantik.

They had a goooood outdoor place and yummy food with a very cheap price. So lovely <3

ps: B is my newest ex. I just broke up with him in this month of love eeergh.


9 komentar:

  1. woooow i love ur dress cantik :)

  2. nice photography editing :D

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  4. hi dear,
    the first time i find your blog, i read it and see some of your pics, all that i can say is you are so pretty. love the belted polka dress and you look so beautiful and your bag is sooo cute! you style everything so well and you really have a good sense of fashion!
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  5. Awesome photos!

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  6. Dapur cantik is such an interesting restaurant name!
    Good luck with your busy semester


  7. sweetie, im your new follower. kisses! cant wait for your next post

  8. I love these pics...I love the place...I love your dress!!

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  9. I'm in love with your dress :) You look so pretty ^^

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