A holiDAY

Yesterday my dad and I have been on holiday to Malang with his friends. We went there by bus and visited some very cool place. We were there only a day, departing in the morning, then go home at night. That’s why I called it A holiDAY.

The first place we visited was Kusuma Agrowisata. There we can see the amazing sights because it as in the highlands.

We can also pick some apples by ourself but only two apples.

There is a small restaurant that serves a variety of apple food, well this is where we can get apple juice, for free!

Cute chair, isn’t it? I wonder why the cloth pictoral strawberries instead of apples? Because as we know that Malang is the town of apples.
There are also a lot of people selling various kinds of beautiful flowers. I love these cacti. Its color are so interesting.

The second place was Jatim Park 1. Me and my dad just entered the 3D theater because we’re not interested in other games.

At the entrance we see the world's second largest gong.

The third place was Batu Night Spectacular. Better for you to visit this place during the night. The lanterns were so beautiful there. I’m not interested in plyaing the game anymore, just watched a very cool 4D Cinema. I got addiceted to hehe.

and we went home happy and exhausted...
Click the link above if you want to know more about the places I visited.

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