Met My Flowers

Just met my girls in Putri's house tonight. As her promise, she made us food. I don't know what the name is but I know that I want it more because it's so yummy! But how stupid I am, I don't take any picture of it.
Today's dresscode: floral things!
I'm standing right beside our tallest friend! Okay that's my mistake.

Sorry for some blur photos :(
laugh, laugh, and laugh
silly faces
taken by Merry

Don't know why Putri asked us to take some close up photos. I wondered what she'd planned hemm..

Lussy and Egi
me and Binta
Merry and Venty
Our Mom! lol
Vina came home first, that's why she didn't take close up photo.

I just upload these pics on my facebook, then one of our junior high school friend, Radiv, comment on it. And my thumb is up.

Outfit of the day:

Lussy's floral shoes. I really really want it, but I don't have it yet :(

Wohooo lot of pics today.
Good night! Err I mean, good morning all! It's almost 3 am anyway.



  1. aww looks like you've had so much fun :)

  2. love your shoes dear

    follow me back please

  3. your shoes and top is lovely!
    love floral <3



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