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DIY navy blue skirt
I don't even know what the fabric name is. I just went to a fabric store, choose a fabric that I want, and paid them without ask its name to the salesclerk.

my mom's vintage sling bag
my DIY headband
That headband could be wear as bracelet or necklace too. I made it just from silver chain and black ribbon.

These pics taken before I went to my girl's house named Egi. One of my beloved bestfriends. Yes, we just gathered this afternoon until the night, and yes, we've got some fun!



  1. so cute, I just adore that skirt x

  2. wow! I've read some of your post n your DIY is cool!
    by the way let be friend and follow each other..well how about exchange link? :) if u put my link, I make sure I'll do the same :) :0

  3. thanks for the lovely comments..
    love your blog! :)

    lets follow each other if you want :)


  4. so cute! i like your head accessory! Great blog too!


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