The Other Giveaway

Hellow yellow! Happily, I just joined another giveaway. It's from Jessica Paramartha on PHOSKINNY. I always read her post and absolutely always love her style. Oh and I got envy to her body and legs :(
Okay, back to the topic. So this is her giveaway. Hope I could win the camera ring! Why I'm not choose the gun ring? Honestly, I'm a little bit scared by its shape. What if it could shot me(?????)

Birthday Giveaway

as i told you on my previous post that i'm gonna give you a giveaway for my birthday right? well now i give you announcement, my very first birthday giveaway yayness :D :D

my first giveaway is present by Betsy Besties shop, they sale a lot of new/second stuff with good quality and also the accessories too! many cute accessories from there you know, it can boost up your style with perfectly! let's see their stuff here

look at this guys!

soooooo...want to win this camera ring and gun ring guys from Betsy Besties?
i will pick 3 lucky people who will win this 3 rings!

click here for more info or if you wanna join with.
Wish me LUCK!



  1. this looks like a great giveaway!
    lovely rings as well


  2. Thanks for the news.
    I'll follow you back after i'm on my notebook ;)
    Be patient, barbie *fingercrossed*

  3. that camera ring IS cute!


  4. goodluck! xo


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