Saturday Night Will Never Change

Yes, Saturday night will never change, but we will.

Some boys maybe buying a flower then going to her girlfriend's house and ask them to spend their saturday night in a romantic restaurant (oh that's too dramatic, but I wish it would be me). But what happen when they broke up? You know the answer...
It means the day was never change, but it feels different by how we live it.

Sometimes I just lay on my bed or watching tv or tweeting or something boring like that when this night comes, but tonight I spent it with my sister. I ask her to bought me a bento :p

What about your night?



  1. hallo sayang,
    bonekanya lucu bangeeet yaaa... aduuh aku jadi laperr liat bentonyaaa...
    tenang aja sayang, poto kamu jg baguus. poto aku malah sebenernya ga matching ama sepatu yg pengen aku menangin. hiksss. kita sama-sama berdoa ya sayang... biar kita sama-sama menang. amiiinnn

  2. I'm feeling the same thing. Everyone is now into valentine, but I have no boyfriend :P
    Would be nice if someone asked us for a date on the 14th :D

  3. nice doll (: you look pretty as well and your blog looks great with the theme. Well, Saturday night will be changed by if you believe that someone will do it for you :D

    Schitteren en Meid

  4. hello pretty! lovely photos! hope we can be friend! mind to follow me? i will follow u back! :)


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