How To Make Glitter Shoes

I have a pair of plain shoes in gold color, but I got bored with its plain color lately. So I want to make it more 'shining', and glitter is the best choice. It's easy to make. You wanna try? Follow the tutorial bellow :)
All you need: A pair of shoes that you want to glitter (choose a pair with a nice shape), double tape (you can also use fabric glue), scissors, and glitter (I choose gold and blue color).

1. Stick the tape at the top of the shoe
2. Open the tape little by little then add the blue glitter on it.
3. It will looks like the 3rd picture.
4. Stick the tape again around the shoe, and do step 2 with gold glitter.

Tadaaah here's the result............
before and after :)
Good Luck! ;)



  1. Really love this post! Nice tutorial :) Thanks for sharing ^^

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