Cute Ring and Cute Bloggers

Sorry for belated post to did the rules of my new award that I got from Dana Paramita from Hello Behel yesterday. As I told you before, she's a cute fashion blogger.

I was thinking what I have to write while she told me why I haven't share the rules. hehe sorry ka :) It's my first award so I a little bit nervous lol. Oh, I just realized that I've posted this award twice. Am I wrong ka? Sorry then...

The rules is share 7 things about me.
Here I go...

1. I just accepted in Information Systems in Unej as my wish. Thank God. Idk why I'm so excited with this subject. I was in social class in high school because I don't like science, but in college I went to science class. How confusing me!
2. I loooove shoes very much. But to have these shoes we needs much money rite? And I don't have it everyday so I just have a few shoes until now. At least it could make me happy. Oh poor me.
3. If you wonder what music I like, the answer is all kinds of music! Yet music that I liked most was R&B. Sometimes I also dancing while listening to dangdut. We have to proud to be an Indonesians rite?
4. So who is the singer that I like? Rihanna, Eminem, Nicole Scherzsinger, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, aaaaand much more.
5. Just got a cute ring from my friend, Ade, he's so kind anyway.

6. I'm a feminine girl who prefer wearing dress than wearing pants.
7. I don't like green.

That's it. 7 things about me. And the next rules was to give this award to the other amazing bloggers. I'll give it to 7 others since I only have a little followers :(

Once again, thank you so much to ka Dana for the award :) and thank you so much for Ade who gave me those cute hello kitty clock ring this afternoon

wish it could be a happy ending



  1. cutiee xD i'll post it as soon as possible :D
    thank you a bunch!!

    dana paramita, cewe apa cowo? temen aku, cowo. ahaha #gakpenting

  2. Awe thanks so much<3 I just posted it on my blog!!
    Thanks again and that's a very cute ring =)

  3. ohyaa!! ada awards niih :))

  4. OMG i want that ring haha so cute!!
    that's very sweet of your friend!! and congrats on getting in your univeristy!!!

  5. aww thank you very much!
    For me it's really great! thanks for the award, feels great.
    sweet ring! Oh I also listen Eminem! By this I like you more hahaha :) xoxo

  6. such soft sweet pink, with the great little accessories!


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