Milo Toast and Mocca Latte

I'm about to go with my girls, Putri and Aqmarina. So I decided to wore this simple dress and my mom's bag yesterday.


We went to Conato Cafe to have a lunch and chitchat.
Pssst there is a man who smoked at the table next to us and we felt so annoyed with him.

and I bought a lacey dress yesterday. I'll post it for you soon :) that's a cute dress I think and I'm falling in love with it at the first sight lol.

Oh I just got an award! Yes, my first award!

Thanks for Dana Paramita from Hello Behel. She's a cute fashion blogger and I would always read her latest post.

ps: sorry for bad pictures



  1. aaa you make me hungry!!!!
    thank you for dropping by on my blog ;)

  2. simple but cute sweety!
    kok ga cerita 7things about you?hehe ayo dong cerita ;)

  3. I love Milo and mocca latte :9

    sweet and sugars,

  4. I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x

  5. i really like that dress!


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